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      At adora swim we believe we have a responsibility to our planet. Because of this sustainability is our main focus. We have created a business with the intention of being a positive influence in the fashion industry, an industry that shoppers of all kinds are realising has a lot of changes to make in order to be a part of a more sustainable, greener future.

      We believe that creating the latest and best styles is not enough, they must be manufactured, packaged and delivered in the most sustainable and ethical ways possible. We are creating fashion that you will be proud to wear.

      Our Fabrics 

      Econyl Regenerated nylon
      Our swimwear fabric is made from 100% regenerated nylon. By using rescued waste materials that would otherwise be polluting the earth and seas no new resources are used to make the fabric. Econyl uses varied repurposed materials such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, industrial plastics and carpet fibres. Econyl is also Oeko-tex certified meaning there are no hazardous chemicals used in dyeing the fabric. Adding to all of the amazing things above, this fabric is super soft and supportive, just think of your comfiest gym leggings and then think a little comfier. 

      Linen is one of the most biodegradable fabrics in fashion history. It is strong, natural, durable and perfect for warm climates. It’s a wonder material.Linen is also made from the flax plant and Every part of the flax plant is used to create products – nothing is wasted. Linen is more sustainable than almost any other fabric, plus it makes you feel like you are on a yacht in the Mediterranean when you wear it, even if you’re not! 

      Our Standards
      Each of our pieces are made through ethical production methods and by amazing people. We aim to have the highest possible standards and to continually improve them too. It’s very important to us, as we know it is to you.

      Our Designs
      Since day one artistry and craft has been a part of all our designs, designed by the co-founders and created by our expert seamstresses. This is borne out of passion for producing the highest quality clothing that makes women feel confident, courageous and sexy. Our aim is to provide swimwear and clothing which encourage consumers to buy sustainable and feel their very best, without compromise.

      Our Ethos and Goal
      We believe we must all be conscious of our consumption and the effect it has on our environment. We want to be part of finding and promoting awareness and contributory solutions, which is why we have created adora swim.Our ultimate goal is to have conscientious customers all around the world wearing adora swim and to eventually recycle and recreate new clothing from your beloved adora swim pieces. This technology is still in development but we’re keeping a close eye to when we can make this possible.

      Everything loved will last. Choose well. Buy Less. Buy Better.